Christmas Royale | December 2019

This Christmas, The London Cabaret Club presents ‘Christmas Royale’, a dazzling, full-scale bond theme Christmas extravaganza in the heart of Bloomsbury. Betransported to the glamorous Bond world of romance and espionage, from vintage classics to explosive blockbusters in a mind-blowing, immersive experience merging a glittery magical winter wonderland for a unique festive entertainment experience that combines an amazing performance with luxury dining.

Unleash your inner Bond girl or super-spy at The London Cabaret Club’s 007-themed special. A thrilling dining and entertainment experience that celebrates British espionage with premium entertainment, sumptuous dinner, and dancing until late.

Let us take you on a whirlwind tour of Bond’s glamorous world where surprises await guests at every stage of the evening, with extraordinary preshow variety acts and downright sorcery performed by some of the country’s finest talents.

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